Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Tell me about Greywing

A. Greywing was the first one perfect mattress, mattress in a box model in Australia. Greywing has created an outrageously comfortable mattress deigned for everyone.

We’ve created one perfect mattress that provides support and comfort. We use an open cell responsive comfort layer for support and bounce, a high-quality memory foam to contour and support the body, and a temperature adaptive cover so that you sleep at the perfect temperature.

We’re so confident you’ll love the Greywing that you can try it for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home.

Our mattress is designed and made in Australia. We hand-stitch and package it in Melbourne, and ship it to you for free Australia-wide. We’ve done all the hard work so you can sleep easy. Great Sleep. Great Tomorrow.

Q. What makes the GREYWING mattress special, unique and different from competitors?

A. The GREYWING utilizes 3 layers made of pressure relief materials:

  1. Responsive Comfort Greywing Material – provides support zones, cooling and bounce
  2. Memory Foam – provides comfort and support
  3. Support Foam – provides a firm more dense surface so you don’t sink into your mattress.

The mattress also has a special temperature adaptive cover which allows you to sleep at the right temperature, not too hot and not too cold.

Q. How does the 100 Night In Home Mattress Trial Work?

A. We keep it simple. If you don’t like your mattress for any reason within the first 100 nights, email us at and let us know what’s wrong. We’ll arrange a pickup, donate it to charity and refund your money 100%. It’s the same whether you’ve paid in full up front or are using the financing option. For a more in depth explanation view our 100 night trial page link to page.

Q. What type of base do I need for the Greywing?

A. The GREYWING was designed to sit on any firm flat surface that will hold your weight plus the weight of a mattress evenly disbursed. We’ve tested the Greywing on a slat base, box spring base and the floor.

Q. How much does shipping cost?

A. GREYWING offers Free Shipping Australia Wide. Whether you are in the CBD or in the bush, Greywing has your back.


Mattress Sizes

Q. What mattress sizes and dimensions does GREYWING make?

A. Greywing makes all Australian standard mattress sizes. Standard mattress sizes are:

  • Single Mattress: 92W x 188L x 24H (cm)
  • King Single Mattress: 107W x 203L x 24H (cm)
  • Double Mattress: 138W x 188L x 24H (cm)
  • Queen Mattress: 153W x 203L x 24H (cm)
  • King Mattress:183W x 203L x 24H (cm)


Q. Can I use a electric blanket?

A. Absolutely!

Make sure you follow the safety instructions of your electric blanket manufacturer.

Q. How much weight can the Greywing hold?

The Greywing was designed to support up to a total of 260 kg, and up to 115 kg on one side.

Q. Can I use a box spring base?

A. Yes. If you opt for a box spring, we recommend any newer, modern one. Modern box springs are designed more like slats and provide more direct support to counter your body weight pushing down. Older box springs (designed for spring mattresses) usually have one supporting beam down the middle of the bed, making the mattress sag on the sides. We also do not recommend split box springs, which can cause sagging.

Q. Can I use the mattress on a sofa bed?

A. Unfortunately, the Greywing cannot be used on a sofa bed because the mattress is not designed to be folded in half after unboxing.

Q. Does it have a break-in period?

Our mattress doesn't have a break-in period, as we have designed the Greywing to keep its form and firmness over time.

If you're switching from a mattress made by another brand (especially any spring-based mattress) for the first time, it could takes up to 27 days for your body to adjust to the new sleeping surface.

Q. Do you need to flip the bed?

A. No. The mattress is not designed to be flipped. The layers have been designed from top to bottom to provide ultimate comfort and support. As with all mattresses, If you sleep alone on one side of the bed or have a meaningful weight differential with your mattress partner, then we do recommend rotating the bed 180 degrees every 3-6 months.

Q. My mattress feels uneven. What do I do?

A. This is almost always due to the surface Greywing is lying on. The first step we recommend is testing the evenness of Greywing directly on the floor. If you find that this corrects the unevenness, you should assess if your foundation, slats or box-spring are damaged or out of line. Needless to say, if your Greywing still feels uneven on the floor it is time to call us.

Q. How thick is the Greywing?

A. All of the Greywing mattresses are 24cm high.

Q. How big is the box?

A. All Greywing mattresses come in a box of 52W x 52L x 108H cm.

Q. How much does the Greywing weigh?

A. The Greywing weight varies depending on the size of the mattress. Entirely Latex mattresses and box spring mattresses will typically weigh more than the Greywing. They will also feel heavier when trying to change sheets.

  • Greywing: single 20kg
  • king single 25kg
  • double 27.5kg
  • queen 32kg
  • king 35kg

Q. How long does the Greywing take to expand and return to normal size?

A. The Greywing will take less than 2 minutes to return to full size. Prep your camera or phone before opening the box so you can capture this one in a mattress experience.


Q. What materials are the Greywing made of?

We tested hundreds of materials and thousands of combinations before we decided on our proprietary, patent-pending construction.

The Greywing hybridises three layers of premium quality materials.

The top: Unique Greywing Responsive Comfort Layer (4cm);

The middle: Visco Elastic Contouring Memory Foam (4cm);

The bottom: High Density Polyurethane Support Foam (16cm).

While foam density and thickness give you a picture of what's below the cover, they are not really indicators of comfort. Beyond the density and ratios, each foam's responsiveness - it's give and flex - is proprietary to Greywing.

Q. How does the Greywing compare to other memory foam beds?

A. Other brands manufacture a range of mattresses, so we can’t really speak to a specific model. The Greywing is not a full memory foam mattress. We designed the Greywing using a layer of memory foam to provide contour and support.

However, from our research, we found that about 10% of memory foam only mattress owners complained of sleeping hot. Many of those people also found that they were stuck or sinking into the mattress.

To solve these consumer issues we created a temperature adaptive cover for the mattress and put a layer of our unique open cell material on top of the memory foam. The combination provides a cool, breathable, supportive and comfortable feel for all Greywing sleepers.

Q. Does the Greywing sleep hot?

A. Temperature was one of the most important issues our product designers focused on when we designed the Greywing mattress.

The unique Greywing responsive comfort layer, which is the top layer of the bed, is much more breathable than memory foam, thus allowing you to sleep cooler than a traditional full memory foam mattress.

We also use an adaptive fabric for the mattress cover, which works similarly to sportswear that wicks away heat while you're asleep.

You will not sleep hot on the Greywing.

Q. Does the Greywing mattress smell when unboxed?

A. As with any new product, there’s a mild scent upon unboxing. However, Greywing doesn’t use solvent-based adhesives associated with strong odours. Our water-based adhesive is more expensive, but eliminates unnecessary chemicals in your bed. If there is a slight scent, which can happen in 1 in every 500, it should dissipate in a few days in a well-ventilated room.

Q. Are there harmful chemicals in the Greywing?

A. No, the Greywing meets and exceeds all of the Australian and European standards.

The materials used in the Greywing are bound together using a water based glue so there is no need to worry about chemicals.

Chemical details about the foam:

  • Formaldehyde is not used in any of the ingredients used to make foam, and so formaldehyde does not exist in the foam.
  • There are no heavy metals (such as lead or mercury) in the foam.
  • We don't use fire retardants.
  • The foam does not contain phthalates.
  • We use the only foam in Australia that doesn't contain ozone depleting substances (methylene chloride).
  • The foam is made during a process called VPF. Foam made with the VPF process has 20-30% less VOC's than foam made by other processes.

Q. Does GREYWING eliminate partner disturbance?

A. Greywing provides more movement isolation than a traditional spring mattress.

In designing the sleep-surface, we focused on balancing motion isolation with the common memory-foam complaint of feeling stuck. If your partner is anything more than 10 cm away from you, you will neither feel nor hear their movement.

Q. I have a latex allergy. Can I sleep with Greywing?

A. We have developed a mattress so amazing that we decided latex was no longer necessary. So, if you have a latex allergy you can sleep on the Greywing with peace of mind!

Q. I have specific medical problems. How will Greywing work for me?

A. Every medical condition is unique in nature so it’s difficult to say if Greywing will “work” for you. We are not doctors so we cannot and will not give medical advice.

We’ve had many, many Greywing owners who reported a relief in back pain, but we’ve also had a handful of owners report no resolution of their aches and pains. You can see check out our reviews page(link) to see what customers say. Feel free to call us to discuss your condition - while you won't have a doctor on the other end of the line, we may know of other customers with similar experiences.

This being said, the only way for you to truly know is to give Greywing a try. Take advantage of our 100 night trial period.

Q. Will Greywing form a valley like my other mattress did?

A. The Greywing mattress won’t sink, or form a valley. This is covered under our 15-year warranty. You can sleep sound knowing that you’ll have thousands of great tomorrows and your bed won’t change on you.

Read more about the Greywing warranty on the 15 Year Mattress Warranty page.


Q. Can you deliver on Saturday or Sunday?

A. In most cases our couriers don’t work on weekends. If you have a special case, give us a call at (03) 8592 7400 or shoot us an email to and let us know the circumstances.

Q. Where is the Greywing shipped from?

A. The Greywing takes flight to you from Melbourne Australia. We are working on other delivery option to increase delivery speed.

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Not yet…stay tuned.

Q. Can I specify a delivery date?

A. Yes, provided it’s not a weekend day. If you’d like to specify a date then ordering as far in advance of delivery is best procedure. Our courier team will be in touch once they have received your Greywing to organize and confirm your delivery date.

If you have a very tight timeline and absolutely need your mattress before a certain date (e.g. moving in to a new home), speak with us on the phone (03) 8592 7400(link phone number to call on click) or shoot us an email to and we'll do the best we possibly can to accommodate your needs.

Q. What if I’m not home for delivery?

A. That shouldn’t be a problem because our courier will contact you to organize a time that suits you for delivery. If there isn’t really a good time you can let them know to leave the Greywing in a safe space.

Q. How long will delivery take? When can I expect to receive my mattress?

A. This will depend on where you live and when you placed your order. If you are in a metro area your Greywing should be delivered within 4 business days. Speak with our customer support team and we will give you a more accurate estimate.

When your mattress is dispatched, we will send you a confirmation email with your tracking number.

Q. Do you have a showroom?

A. Our Melbourne showroom is located at 46 Budd Street Collingwood. Check out the Showroom page for more details.


New to Greywing:

Q. Don’t I need to try a mattress before I buy it?

A. Not really. We've engineered a bed that we're confident 99% of people will sleep incredibly well on. It sounds strange, we know. You can however try it in the comfort of your own home, taking advantage of our 100 night trial. 100 Nights in your home is better than 15min in a shop!

That being said, we understand that you might want to try before you buy. You can try the Greywing at our Melbourne Showroom(link) and coming soon, our Sydney Showroom.

Q. Do you make more than one firmness?

A. No. Unlike most mattress brands, we only made one model of Greywing. The Greywing is on the firmer end of the spectrum. We can’t say exactly how firm it is because that’s completely subjective. If you are looking for a firmer mattress, the Greywing will be for you.

Q. Why just one model?

A. Rather than confuse you with tens (or hundreds) of models that all start to feel the same after a while, we've put all our energy into building one great mattress.

The Greywing sits to the firmer end of the spectrum - but the materials we've chosen for it allow the Greywing to responsively provide a great night's sleep to people of all shapes and sizes.

You really can’t improve on perfection :)

Q. Does the Greywing go back in the box?

A. No. Once you unfurl your Greywing, you can’t get it back into the box because it’s a high quality foam mattress. It will expand to its full size almost instantaneously — once that happens, the box becomes a great side table.

Purchasing your Greywing:

Q. What is the Greywing Family Pack?

A. When moving house, buying a new house or apartment, building a new home, getting married or having a child, we know that you may need more than one or two mattresses. The Greywing Family Pack is a set of 3 or more mattresses for a single household. If you have a momentous occasion like that, you deserve a gift! Those who purchase 3 or more mattresses at once will receive a Greywing Family Pack Gift. To find out exactly what the Greywing Family Pack Gift consists of, please email, subject: Family Pack Gift. Let us know how many mattresses you need and the sizes.

Q. Do I have to pay for shipping?

A. No. All Greywing products are shipped for Free, Australia Wide.


Q. What certifications does that GREYWING mattress have?

A. Foam Components: The GREYWING Mattress exceeds Australasian & Global environmental regulations. The Greywing uses a special foam production method which means there are virtually zero emissions. For this reason the Greywing foam has awarded the Australian Good Environmental Choice Ecolabel. The foam layers of the Greywing meet and exceed all GECA standards and are therefore certified by GECA.

Q. What does the 15 year warranty cover?

A. You can find all the answers in our 15 Year Mattress Warranty Page.

Q. How does the 100 Night In Home Mattress Trial work?

A. Learn all the details on our 100 night mattress trial page.



Q. Can I review my mattress?

A. Of course! We love reviews. You can write your review on our write a greywing review page


Q. Do you allow for returns?

Absolutely. Returns are available during the 100 nights trial period. To read how to action a return, visit our 100 night trial page.

Q. What happens to my returned mattress?

We’ll never re-sell a used mattress!

If you want to return your Greywing, we will organize a mattress pickup and donate it to a local charity. Currently we are working with the Salvation Army(link to salvos) nationally.

Q. Do I need to keep the box?

A. No, you do not need to keep the box. We use large industrial machines to compress and pack the mattress. You will not be able to get it back into the box. That being said the box makes an excellent boxman costume for the halloween!

Q. How do I pack my mattress to return it?

A. You don’t need to pack anything. We just ask that you take good care of it and not leave it in the rain or outdoors unless it is covered. We’ll send a courier over to remove the mattress from your home.

Q. Do you allow for exchanges?

Yes, exchanges are available during the 100 nights trial period. You can send us an email via and let us know you'd like to exchange your mattress. You’ll need to pay for return shipping. We’ll process the price differential and return shipping cost to your credit card, and ship you a new Greywing. Please note that returning your mattress will void the 100 night trial for your second Greywing.


Q. How long can I keep the mattress in the box?

You can keep the mattress in the box for up to four weeks before unfurling the mattress. Because we pack the Greywings just before delivery you shouldn’t keep in in the box for longer than 28 days from ordering.


Q. What setup do you recommend?

A. We designed Greywing to be versatile, so it can work with all standard foundations.

As with all foam-based beds, you want as much direct support under the mattress as possible. A slatted base (gaps between the slats should be less than 7.5cm apart) or platform bed offers the most support. If you want the additional height, a modern box spring will work. You can even put it on the floor!

In most cases you can use your existing bed setup. Call or email if you are unsure.