100 Night In Home Mattress Trial

All GREYWING mattresses come with a 100 night guarantee. This means that once you have purchased the GREYWING mattress you have 100 nights to try the mattress in the comfort of your own home before committing to keeping it. If you find you don’t love your GREYWING you can return it and receive a 100% refund. There are zero costs for returns.

100 Night In Home Trial T&Cs

In order to take advantage of the 100 Night In Home Trial, you must have purchased your GREYWING mattress from Greywing.com.au or an authorised reseller. You must keep your mattress for a minimum of 27 nights from the date of delivery. GREYWING asks that you keep your mattress for at least 27 nights because it takes time for your body to adjust to a new sleeping surface just as it takes time to make any routine a habit.

The same trial period exists for those using the ZipMoney financing option.

The 100 Night In Home Trial is limited to 1 individual per household and cannot be used to exchange sizes. In a case where a customer requests a new size, the customer will be responsible for return shipping and the difference in price of the two mattresses.

Original proof of purchase is required to action a return. The 100 night trial begins on the date of delivery.

How do I action a return of the GREYWING mattress?

Have more questions? Contact us via email at sleep@greywing.com.au or if you prefer to speak with someone, call (03) 8592 7400

. If you'd like to action a return now, please go to our action a return page. Please tell us what the reason is for your return as well as the email address you made the order with. We’ll then contact our charity partner to organise a pickup and donation.

What happens to a returned GREYWING mattress?

We work with Australian charities in order to provide mattresses to those less fortunate. All returned mattresses go to a charity and are given to someone in need. We do not resell the mattresses to consumers.