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Pillow Talk - Meet: Stephanie @HeyThereDreamer

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@heytheredreamer is a leading Australian lifestyle and travel blogger.

Greywing had the privilege of sitting down with Stephanie and asking her questions about her life as a blogger, inspiration, sleep and of course, her Greywing.

GW: Tell us a little about yourself?

HTD: Hey there, dreamers! I'm Stephanie from @heytheredreamer, and besides my love for blogging and photography, I'm a full-time student at the University of Queensland, graduating (really soon!) in Human Resources / Accounting.

GW: How did you get involved in blogging?

HTD: Photography has been a real passion of mine as far as I can remember, and I've turned to Instagram in the recent years as a space to express my aesthetics, thoughts and experiences - a space to connect and invite others into my world. In turn, blogging was pretty much the result of needing an extra space on top of Instagram's word limit (and for a lot more photos!)

GW: We love the aesthetic of your blog, where do you find your inspiration?

HTD: Instagram is pretty much my inspiration in itself! It's my mood board for when I need to find fashion, architectural and travel inspiration and I draw my inspiration from like-minded / minimalistic / dreamy blogs around.

GW: Do you have a photography background? 

HTD: It's been on my wish-list but I don't own any professional backdrop nor do I have any strobe lighting, so I'm always on the lookout for white walls and make do with whatever white background I can find at home, like a white table, white coloured board and recently my white mattress!

GW: You seem to travel a lot, what is your favourite destination and why?

HTD: This is hard! In the States, it'll definitely be San Francisco - There is a very homely vibe from the mix of local markets, endlessly steep hills and trams. Washington DC comes in a very close second. And I haven't explored enough of Europe to say! But Amsterdam is reigning on top at the moment - there's too much history to describe. You'll honestly feel like you've stepped into a whole 'nuther world. However at the end of the day, home is always best - am I right?

GW: What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

HTD: Other than what I should be doing (namely studying), I'm also currently working on launching my party stylist business @whitepaperparty. Do check it out!

GW: How do you maintain a work/life balance?

HTD: I guess we all figure out what works for us the best after awhile - for me, it's always keeping in mind my priorities against time pressures, even if it means to schedule regular meet-ups with your close ones and also making sure I get enough rest to last me through my days. A saying that has been in my heart recently is that 'whatever you invest in, defines who you are'. So make sure you start investing your time and energy wisely (and not just in the short-term)!

GW: Do you have any daily routines that help you achieve your daily goals? 

HTD: A physical to-do list and planner are my best friends when it comes to keeping track of everything that I keep having to remind myself to remember. Having a positive mindset and can-do attitude is also essential to help you take courage to pursue what you love and not let the world snuff out your dreams and aspirations. However, none of this would help if not for a well rested night for a better focus and mood the next day! (I aim to sleep at least 8 hours a day! Although I usually end up sleeping more...)

GW: What's your best sleep tip?

HTD: Having a regular bedtime definitely helps your system know when it's time to wind down. In the past when I've also had serious trouble falling asleep, I'd listen to guided Yoga Nidra for Sleep meditation, and set my computer on a sleep timer. Since then, I have been able to fall asleep quite fast.

GW: How would you describe sleeping with Greywing?

HTD. After trying out Greywing over its full 100-day trial across both warm and cooler seasons, I can confidently say that it's indeed my best sleep ever, The mattress is the perfect amount of firm for a therapeutic support (even to balance coffee cups for my flatlays) yet soft to snuggle up in, without any metal springs poking in your back. Beds are definitely a long-term investment for your wellbeing, so jump on board and try it out for yourself plus AUD$50 off your purchase using my promo code 'heytherezzz' - and you'll see what I've been raving about.