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Why You Need A Great Night's Sleep

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Great Days Start With Great Nights

Sleep; it’s something we all need, but seldom ever get as much of as we’d like. From busy schedules to technology addictions to city living and lifestyle choices, it has become just as easy to go without regular, good quality sleep, as it is to grab your morning wake up coffee the next day.

Don't get me wrong coffee is a must, but if it's what keeps you going then you need to rethink your sleep.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t take our sleep quite as seriously as we should which is having detrimental effects on our health and wellbeing.

Here are just a few reasons why you should really be trying to get a better night’s sleep:


You may not be aware that a lack of sleep can cause concentration impairments on par with having alcohol in your system, making you a potential hazard not just to yourself but also to others. If you’ve had a really bad night’s sleep, be more conscious of what you’re doing when you’re driving, at work, or generally needing to focus on anything important.


It’s not just a matter of being slightly grumpy after a few nights of sleeplessness; not enough sleep can have long term detrimental effects on you psychologically including depression and, in some extreme cases, psychosis. Getting a good amount of shut eye can help you feel great.


Your down time in the land of slumber is crucial for helping your body repair and recover. Have you ever woken up after a particularly good, restful sleep to notice how smooth your skin might be or that yesterday’s back pain has magically disappeared? Without giving your body the chance to recuperate from the amount you put it through during the day, you’re setting yourself up for a less-than-ready machine to tackle the next. Don’t risk a decreased immune system, increased propensity for long term illness and general lack of healing; get more z’s.

We all know we need sleep, so why aren’t we trying to get more? Here at Greywing, we’re passionate about helping you enjoy a great day thanks to a great night’s sleep. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you do that, give us a call. Only great days await.